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by admin | February 14th, 2011



There are two ways of spreading light:

To be the candle or to be the mirror that reflects it.


For: Religious Education by Correspondence (by email)


Dear Friends,


We are pleased to inform you of our new program to promote Jewish education for our busy Indian Jewish brethren who do not have free time to go to the Beth Midrash or attend Torah lectures. For those who are interested, we shall send a daily “A Halacha A Day” by email. These emails will cover a wide selection of basic laws covering daily observances plus the importance of the holidays, and more.


If you want to receive this daily email, please complete the following form and return it to us.


So, we welcome you to join us in performing more mitzvoth. Like our ancestors used to say, since Hashem talks to us through the mitzvoth He commanded us in the Holy Torah, we must in response turn to Hashem with words of praise through prayer and learning and teaching others.


Our best wishes to you.


With Torah Greetings,

Rabbi Shmuel Ben-Shalom (Divekar)



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